Diary of a body_

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Menstruation: the last taboo. There are four in one of me.

The first book to talk about menstruation with complete honesty.

Diary of a body is an intimate portrayal and a sincerely written book. It brings to light many of the hidden states the female body goes through during the course of the menstrual cycle. What we think of as an annoyance or weakness is dealt with naturally and normally to liberate us from taboos.

Menstruation strongly conditions the everyday life of half of our population, and also affects the other half in one way or another. As well as being female, most women are also partners, wives, sisters, mothers, teenage daughters, friends or colleagues.

Menstruation changes our lives, but we still don’t want to talk about it – as if it were a shameful disease. We hide it from others, but also from ourselves. The menstrual cycle is possibly one of the strongest, most lasting taboos surrounding femininity. Erika Irusta has given us a valuable book which lays the taboo open for examination and social discussion –things we not only can be doing – we should be doing.


Published on_November 9.16


Original_ Spanish




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